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8 / 10
Age - 24 - Single
Not Rated
Age - 29 - Single
Honest, Trust
1 / 10
543. Pato30
Age - 30 - Single
good dancer,sence of humor,love live,fun,sexy,simple...no drama....and very hony and horny cause im too ;-)
1401 / 9.504
Age - 18 - Undisclosed
handsome cute funny down to earth athletic positive interesting dapper charming tactful sarcastic witty sharp quick eloquent articulant depth substance culture charisma compassionate personable good natured good heart family oriented caring polite respectful values good etiquette hock integrity morals modest humble
1 / 2
Age - 32 - Casually Dating
good attitude sexy
1 / 10
Age - 36 - Single
good looking and caring lady
2 / 10
Age - 19 - Single
Nice, pretty, funny
2 / 4.75
Age - 24 - Single
not fat, or ugly
48 / 3.656
Age - 27 - Single
have to be open minded and like to have fun
20 / 9.375
Age - 21 - Single
Someone who will listen and appreciate me.
1 / 10
551. Atrian
Age - 16 - Single
good sence of humor and a great personallity
15 / 9.433
Age - 18 - Single
Easy going, humorous, fun loving
1 / 10
Age - 20 - In an Open Relationship
outgoing, confident, cute, open minded
2 / 6.5
Age - 23 - Single
Caring, Attractive, Sweet, dedicated, down to earth, head on their shoulders, wild side.
Not Rated
555. models1
Age - 0 - Single
53 / 8.858
Age - 23 - Single
Though I am on this site does not mean I will meet and have sex with anyone who writes to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the attention and the kind words from everyone. If you invite me to your network I usually accept, but that does not mean we have bonded and are ready to go to step 2. I chat with people, especially on IM, but just one at a time. I think it's rude to not give someone that has made an attempt to contact me the time they deserve. Having said that, like everyone else, I'm just looking for respectful, honest people that know how to treat others well. Looks are a part of the equation, but its like saying you will like some kind of food because the recipe has something in it that you like. Great, but what else is in it?
3 / 7
Age - 39 - Undisclosed
nice body!
1 / 10
Age - 30 - Single
Not Rated
Age - 40 - Undisclosed
Love, caring and understanding person
12 / 10
Age - 24 - Single
ill get back to you!

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