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366 / 8.618
Age - 34 - Divorced
THE PERFECT GUY WILL: text you EVERY day to see how your doing; stay on the phone with you even if you’re not saying anything; tease you, but let you tease him back; stay up all night with you when you are sick; watch your favorite movie even if it is a total chick flick; give you the world; let you wear his clothes. When you are bored and sad, hang out with you. Let you know you are important. Kiss you in the pouring rain. When you run up at him crying... the first thing he'll say is: "Who's butt am I beating today baby?"
1 / 10
Age - 36 - Single
jus be your self - good attitude - know how to treat another human being
4 / 9.875
423. Rich018
Age - 18 - Single
someone I can get a long with, which isnt hard at all.
3 / 8.833
Age - 25 - Looking for casual fling
5 / 8.8
425. Danmax
Age - 25 - Single
Respectful, Sexy, Adventurous, special
6 / 10
426. webmanu
Age - 19 - Undisclosed
A thing is what I would like and another thing is what I like.
2 / 5
Age - 19 - Single
Not Rated
428. fcraigs
Age - 31 - Undisclosed
a great smile and an even better attitude. someone i can have a decent conversation with.
2 / 3
429. djcargo
Age - 19 - Single
a good personality
255 / 8.582
Age - 20 - Single
nice, sweet, interesting, funny, honest, good in bed, and caring, theres way more but id need alot more room to fill it out hah
4 / 7.75
Age - 24 - Undisclosed
Looks and a good personality
257 / 7.260
Age - 18 - Undisclosed
nice respectful funny cute
Not Rated
Age - 22 - Single
nice booty :) i mean really, theres not enough room here... an attractive young lady who has something to offer and cares about more than herself
Not Rated
Age - 26 - Single
Intelligence, Maturity, Hotness
2 / 5.75
435. dorkus
Age - 40 - Divorced
skater butt, brains, chemistry, looks, common interests, mojo
3 / 2
436. icetigr
Age - 37 - In an Open Relationship
Freaky, naughty, dirty, sexy
27 / 9.462
Age - 36 - Single
Kind eyes, warm, trustworthy
2 / 9.5
Age - 29 - Divorced
sexy. & friendly
3 / 5
Age - 21 - Single
i would like a smart busty woman
1 / 6
Age - 21 - Undisclosed
Someone who is down to earth, good looking, like to cuddle

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